KitesurfingOfficial - About who we are, what we do & our Vision


How KitesurfingOfficial got invented:

A long time ago we started Kitesurfing. We always searched out for wind, drove to the spot, prepared our material, went out, enjoyed the session, wraped up aaaand... this was it. Kitesurfing was over until windfinder found wind for the next session.

It was sobering. We wanted to get confronted with what we love again and again, every single day until the next session.

So we thought about how we can include Kitesurfing in the everyday life and after some (a lot of) drinks we finally got an idea.

Let´s create clothing with the main theme: Kitesurfing

We started to collect inspirations, designed our kite related designs and searched for the products we wanted to wear.

KitesurfingOfficial was born!

Currently we are offering over 60 different products, coming in so many different colors. And a lot more is coming soon!


The Environmental Change:

The environmental Impact of the fashion industry is huge. It is the second most polluting Industry in the world so its our responsibility to do our part.

Instead of producing our Products before our drops, we first start printing your shirt after you have placed your order.

By opting for this approach we are able to keep leftovers at a bare minimum and therefore reduce our carbon footprint on this Planet.


Our Vision:

We want to be THE brand when it comes to trendy kite t-shirts, cozy hoodies, cool rash guards or even kite accessories. In addition, to offer more trendy clothing and accessories round about kitesurfing we want to enlarge our range of products.

Apart from this we want to offer you a high quality blog about different themes and news in the Kitesurfingworld. Beside product reviews and tipps, we want to collaborate with professional kitesurfers for Pro tipps and "Kitesurf hacks".

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