The best jokes & memes round about Kitesurfing 

Kitesurfing is a sport with a huge addiction & fail potential. So we made a large collection of the best jokes & memes round about Kitesurfing. Enjoy and don't forget: Laughing is prohibited! 🚫 


Sorry to all the couples out there...

Kitesurfing Jokes Couple


When you just pulled a Frontroll-Boardoff with Kiteloop and take a seat on the beach. Rule the Spot!

Kitesurfing Jokes and Memes


This is how to set up a Tinder-Date as a Kitegirl.

Jokes and memes about Kitesurfing


 Have a 100% birth eontrol effectiveness when wearing boardshorts over wetsuits.

Boardshorts Kitesurfing Joke Meme

Every Kitesurfer out there knows this problem:

Waiting For wind Kitesurf Memes and jokes


The best feeling in the world:

Kitesufen Witze und Memes

Days without Kitesurfing are hard...

Kitesurfen meme und Witz



Yeah. Kitesurfing is an extreme sport....

Kitesurf memes and jokes


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  • The best Jokes about Kitesurfing 😂 Thanks


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